Double One 2020

Dear all,

Sadly, owing to the Covid-19 crisis, Writtle University College will not be able to host Double One this year.

We will be issuing a refund to all those who have paid their attendance fee, and if you have already booked your accommodation at Writtle, please write to Jo Hasnip ( who will arrange your refund for you.

In lieu of Double One at the college, we will be running a truncated version of the tournament on VASL, running from the 26th to the 28th of June, which is open to anyone who can play during UK Summertime hours. We will run the standard four player group tournament as follows:

Friday 26th: Game 1 (Usual choice of 3 scenarios – including shorter ones to allow evening play after work)
Saturday 27th: Blind Scenario
Sunday 28th: Game 3 (Usual choice of 3 scenarios)

If you are interested in joining in, then let us know by emailing or by registering over at View From The Trenches ( 1 2020BY THE END OF MAY. Scenarios and VASL setups will be issued for the scenarios to all those registered in Early June, as will the group listings.

Sorry again, but never fear – we’ll be back next year!

Best regards,

Morris, Gary, Simon.