Double One Tournament Rules

We have some simple tournament rules which we think will make life much more pleasant for all attendees:

  • General Etiquette

*Please* do adhere to the Covid guidelines this year, to ensure that everyone, including the staff and employees at the college has a safe and enjoyable tournament.

Antisocial behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated.

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the building.

Drinking is definitely NOT prohibited but please be mindful of equipment in rooms, and people concentrating on playing games.

Please avoid noisy conversations near to games which are in play.

Strictly no “kibitzing” unless expressly agreed by both players involved in the game.

  • General Tournament Rules

Dice towers or appropriate alternatives must be used

IFT is the default. IIFT may be used if both players agree

The tournament uses the official ASL 2nd Edition rules including all current errata

Late scenario arrivers (just in case)

  • 10-20 minutes late – Forfeit choice of scenario
  • 20-30 minutes late – Forfeit choice of side
  • 30+ minutes late – Forfeit scenario

Tournament Rules

For determination of sides, again, in the absence of mutual agreement, players may either agree to randomly select sides or use a modified ABS system – each player secretly chooses a side, and then reveals their choice. If both players select the same side, then random selection applies, with the “loser” gaining the scenario balance.

For the two morning rounds, there are time limits to finish (2.30 pm for Saturday, 2.00 pm for Sunday). Any scenario not finished by that time should initially be judged by the players and a winner agreed. If no such agreement can be reached, then each player will have 1 minute to state their case to the organisers, who will then confer and declare a winner.

Rules queries etc should be settled between the two players as amicably as possible. In the event of a rules query not being mutually agreed, then, as a last resort, the organisers will adjudicate. Any decision is final and binding on both players. Such appeals should only be used as a last resort and will be subject to a £1 donation from each player, with all donations going to Help for Heroes.